Terms & Condition


  1. I am paying 50% advanced while placing the order and rest will be paid before the product delivery.
  2. The advanced payment/token is non-refundable & the order can’t be change/altered/cancelled after 7 days of the advance payment. I will have to be physically present at the showroom to change the order, no changes are acceptable over phone.
  3. Once product Design/fabric is approved by client it cannot be changed/altered/cancelled. All amendment regarding design is allowed before approval.
  4. The design/fabric is not changeable free of cost after design/fabric confirmation/approval.
  5. Once the product is ready, I will visit KathThokra Studio showroom to check the product within 7days & I will pay the rest of the payment if I find the product is as per design approval.
  6. Product will be ready within maximum 45 days of the order placement.
  7. Full payment must be paid before delivery. In case of cheque payment/Bank Transfer delivery will be given after confirming money deposited in bank/cash received from bank.
  8. Once the product is ready, I will take delivery within 3 days.
  9. If I cannot take delivery within the mentioned time 5% service (i.e., Holding cost, Maintenance & Cleaning cost, Touchup cost etc.) will be charged/applied upon product for each month delay which will be paid by me.
  10. If I cannot take product within 3 months after informing by KathThokra Studio then KathThokra Studio has the right to sell the product.
  11. I will have to inform to KathThokra Studio at least 1 day before the deliovery if I want to change the delivery date.
  12. Factory visit for client(s) are not allowed.